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Grants For First-time Attendees

Sally and her family personally experienced the life-changing value of various programs and lectures during their first attendance at the World Burn Congress. The Spiegel Burn Foundation’s primary advocacy efforts are directed to helping others with similar burn injuries, take that first step in their healing journey.

World Burn Congress is an annual international event of the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors that brings together more than 650 burn survivors, their families, caregivers, burn care professionals, and firefighters. This conference provides educational and emotional support for anyone who has been a part of the traumatic effects of a burn injury. To date the Spiegel Burn Foundation has helped to provide first-time attendee grants for over 300 burn victims and their family.

Apply for a Grant

Please email us with your contact information and a brief description of the applicant’s burn injuries. After review, a Foundation Board member will respond to your request. Support for anyone who has been a part of the traumatic effects of a burn injury. To date the Spiegel Burn Foundation has helped to provide first-time attendee grants for over 300 burn victims and their family.

Here’s what just two of our grant recipients wrote us:

To Julie Spiegel and the Spiegel Burn Foundation:

I am truly thankful and appreciative for the opportunity of attending the World Burn Congress in Sacramento. It was a grand opportunity and pleasure to meet all the people who actually were people who had a heart that wasn’t only skin deep. The inspirational and constructive classes for success and recovery were amazing. They taught that you should never give up in life and use many of the useful techniques that are used in the world. This was my first burn congress; however, I hope it won’t be my last. There are programs like these all around the world for burn survivors.

I beg that if the readers of this message haven’t been to a burn convention or some sort of related program, that you go. You have nothing to lose, but much to gain. All around the world people are burned, having no place for recovery, desperate medical needs, and several other tragic cases. Take advantage of these opportunities, they have changed my life, and made me a better person. In every person’s life, you will go through a very difficult time or lose, thankfully we have already been through something horrible. I gives us the strength to endure those other moments in life.

So take my word please try it.
This World Burn Congress was not only was fun, but it showed me that I should really appreciate every moment in my life. It also gave different perspective, it showed me that I should be more thankful for everything I have been given. I met a person who was limbless, but had a heart of gold and a beautiful personality. She was an inspiration.

Diego Segovia
(P.S. Julie, it was a miracle meeting you, thank you for everything. Take care.)

Dear Julie and the Spiegel Burn Foundation:

My name is Diana Gordon and my son is a burn survivor since he was 2 years old. First of all I want to thank with all my heart Julie Spiegel. An admirable woman who regardless that we never met before, was so kind to give us the opportunity to attend World Burn Congress 2006. Every mother knows that the most important thing in their lives are their kids. If any one of them has the misfortune of being hurt or in pain, we feel so helpless and hopeless because we know that regardless of all our efforts we can only do so much to help them. But through my life I learn that we are not alone, that there are so many beautiful people with such a enormous heart willing to help burn survivors.

This was our first time attending the congress. It was such an amazing experience that not only made us think different but also feel different. I had the opportunity to see my son feeling identified with other people who went through many similar experiences than him. It made him feel that he wasn’t alone and make him increase more confidence about himself. Also what was amazing is that my other son who is not a burn survivor had the opportunity to understand what his brother was going through every day, and open his heart to be more understanding and make them more close together.

When was time to leave the congress we felt so sad. We never wanted to be ending. It was like a second home for us. A place where you feel like everybody is your family and that you don’t want to be without them. We wanted to extend the hours to share our lives with them. The World Burn Congress impact our lives forever. Thank you Julie for becoming part of our family. I hope that we meet each other again, we are separated by space but not by heart.

Diana Gordon


Resources & Research

Resources & Research

Spiegel Burn Foundation continues to participate in ongoing independent research into alternative treatments for the psychological and social improvement for burn aftercare. To date, gifts from our donors and fundraising efforts have assisted in the following support and research:

Ahielon Natural Healing Spray – Comprehensive study on relieving pain—If you’d like to participate, or have comments on the product, please email us

Camp Nah-Nah-Mah – Contributions of support and burn camp gifts

Ntouchtherapy LLC – Working with Matured Scar Tissue Workshops

Camp Amigo – Clinical studies on burn scars and management

Journal of Bodywork & Movement – Comprehensive Study on methods to aid survivors

Loyola Burn Unit – Continued support in state of the art Burn Care and Support Meetings

UMC Burn Center at University of Nevada School of Medicine – Support Meetings

Lions Club – UMC Burn Center

Project Sunshine – Camp Braveheart

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