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The Spiegel Burn Foundation

We provide advocacy support and services to assist burn victims and their family members. As a private nonprofit foundation, we provide:

  • Attendee grants to The World Burn Congress*
  • Support for complementary alternative medical modalities
  • Grants for research and special needs related to Burn Survivors

Our focus is on assisting survivors of burns and burn related injuries to learn to live with many of the new concerns and issues that are now before them. Most people don’t realize that scars of a serious burn injury never go away. The physical, emotional and economic damage can, and often do, last a lifetime.

Sally’s Story

Sally Spiegel learned this first-hand, living with 3rd degree burns over 60% of her body. Scars covering Sally from her neck to her ankles are known as hidden burns, as they are covered by clothing.

After Sally had spent nine months in the Loyola Burn Unit and five months in physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments, she struggled with the everyday living and emotional scars that are natural for a burn survivor to feel. This way of life continued for Sally and her family for five years.

But six years after her accident, she attended the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors World Burn Congress and realized that she was not alone in her suffering or scars. She discovered that although she could not control what had happened to her, she could control her attitude about it. Sally’s personal journey of healing had just begun. By attending the World Burn Congress, she obtained the elusive courage she once lacked as a victim to become a determined and supportive Burn Survivor.

Our mission was born

Sally and her family knew the benefits obtained by attending the World Burn Congress and wanted to share that same life-changing experience with other victims and their families. So they formed the Spiegel Burn Foundation, a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization.

We welcome you to our site, which offers further support information, valuable links and additional resources for burn survivors, their families, care-givers, and those involved with alternative health care.

Philanthropic donors to Spiegel Burn Foundation will find information about the well-focused advocacy efforts we provide.